Manga for sale

Hello friends.
I'm selling manga (POWER FUCK GIRLS) they are of legal age and with a mixture of manga and cartoon.

About the manga
Pages: 24
Cover Color
Inside: black and white
File: JPG
Price: 2.50 USD

Genre: Hentai, anal, oral and tentacles.
Only in English

Summary of the story: Once again the sisters will save the city from a terrible monster covered with tentacles, but Buttercup decides to cause her sister Bubbles, and thus the story starts to get hot.

For anyone interested in buying the manga send email to with the subject POWER GIRLS FUCK, I will pass the information on how to buy manga

Thanks to everyone who follows this blog

Free Manga for your reading

This hentai manga is a parody of the television series Chespirito.

Creation Procedure

I had an idea for a long time to create an image of Cammy, with a style a different visual style, I tried some different clothes and I liked the most was the look of Bison.
The idea was to pose a simple but that shows up her beautiful body and your clothe.

At the end of the image of Cammy imagined something else, she in charge of the organization Shadaloo and members of their organization.

Procedure finalized and are awaiting the color image

Ana and Kerry basic color

Right now I'm adding the basic colors of the characters are very details have to be very careful.

Neste momento estou adicionando as cores basicas dos personagens, são muito detalhes tenho que ter muita atenção.

Commission ANA and KERRY

This fee is for my friend 
Here I added a basic idea for my client to analyze the poses of each character, but he is free to change the whole idea, he liked the poses and analyzed every detail and where the tentacles would appear.
Of course the finished image with paint I added and modified some tentacles, but the client fully approved.

Aqui eu adicionei um ideia basica para meu cliente analisar as poses de cada personagem, sim ele é livre para mudar a ideia toda, ele analizou e gostou das poses e cada detalhe onde os tentaculos iriam aparecer.
Claro que na imagem finalizada com tinta eu adicionei e modifiquei alguns tentaculos, mas o cliente aprovou totalmente.

Ana's character 
Kerry's character

Queen's Blade Catlleya

The winning character poll "QUEEN'S BLADE" was the muse of our dear Catlleya big breasts and lovely body.
Thank you for participating ...

A personagem vencedora da enquete "QUEEN'S BLADE" foi a nossa querida Catlleya musa dos seios grande e corpo adoravel.Obrigado por participar ...

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